Rwanda: Association REFUGE Internship Program


Students enrolled in this program participate in an internship at Association REFUGE pour les Enfants des Grands Lacs Africains (Children of the African Great Lakes), an agency that emerged from the 1994 Rwandan genocide.  Students may have the opportunity to work with pre-schoolers, run sports programs, assist in small construction projects for the school and serve as “befrienders” (which includes language teaching, shared work and mentoring).  Prior to beginning the internship, students will travel throughout Rwanda with Penn State faculty.  While in Rwanda, students will participate in lessons in the local language, Kinyarwanda, as well as regular reflection and “debriefing” sessions.

For more information, see the Rwanda Internship Program website.

Application is on-line through the Rwanda: Association REFUGE Internship Program page on the Education Abroad website

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