Global Health Fieldwork Program in Africa

The GLBHL minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with an interdisciplinary exposure to the theoretical, scientific and practical issues affecting the health of populations in various countries and regions of the world. Emphasis is placed on encouraging students to think critically about the local and global factors influencing contemporary health problems and how key global health challenges might best be addressed. As part of the program requirements, all GLBHL minor students must engage in a supervised fieldwork experience, either internationally or domestically, for a period of approximately six weeks.Throughout this field work experience, students participate in a range of inter-cultural encounters and gain broad knowledge of global health issues in the resource-poor context. More specifically, they work in pairs or small groups, under the guidance of an on-site supervisor/preceptor, to observe and where appropriate contribute to locally relevant projects that serve to understand and address global health inequities. Presently students have the option of completing their fieldwork experience in one of several African countries. Further information about the GLBHL minor and the required fieldwork experience can be found at:

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