Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship

HESE brings together students and faculty from various disciplines to develop innovative and practical technology-based solutions to address the most compelling challenges facing the developing world and marginalized communities. The quest is for solutions with the four hallmarks of sustainability – technologically appropriate, environmentally benign, socially acceptable and economically sustainable. We seek the convergence of the tripartite university missions of teaching, research and outreach to educate globally engaged social problem solvers and create sustainable value for developing communities, while generating and disseminating knowledge and lessons learned. Long-term relationships with multi-sectoral partners and leveraging indigenous knowledge to foster developmental entrepreneurship form the foundation of all our initiatives.

Humanitarian Engineering: Rigorous Design for Resource-Constrained Environments
Humanitarian Engineering may be defined as ‘research and design under constraints to directly improve the wellbeing of marginalized communities. The most distinctive aspect of this type of engineering is its targeted audience – those that might be classified as marginalized, as well as its focus on actually implementing sustainable solutions to benefit those communities. Designing solutions for complicated problems in resource-constrained contexts necessitates systems thinking and a trans-disciplinary approach to develop innovative & realistic solutions.

Social Entrepreneurship: Building Multi-Million Smile Enterprises
Social entrepreneurship is about applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit society in general, with an emphasis on those who are marginalized and poor (Schwab Foundation). Social Entrepreneurs strive to develop transformative social innovations and business models for sustainable enterprises that enable and accelerate positive social change. They use direct action to create a new reality – a new equilibrium – that results in enduring social benefit and a better future for everyone.

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