Women’s Resource Control, Violence, and Recovery in the DR Congo, Liberia and Rwanda

This multidisciplinary project extends across three countries and looks at resource control and its bi-directional relationship with violence in women’s lives.  Resource control, for this project, includes issues around access to knowledge, memories, a fair and just legal system, health care, historical memory creation and natural resources.  The project analyses resource control in DR Congo, Liberia and Rwanda and the intersection of this history with various forms of violence in women’s lives (i.e., physical, structual, psychological) and the implications for recovery.


Julia Hudson Richards:  History and Women’s Studies, Penn State Altoona    jah71@psu.edu
Lee Ann De Reus:  Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State Altoona     lad12@psu.edu
Patricia Jabbeh Wesley:  English, Penn State Altoona     pjw14@psu.edu

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