Since 2005 Penn State faculty have brought in $15 million in externally funded research with an African focus and has produced 15 Masters and 25 doctoral theses specifically on research in Africa.

Current Research Projects:

Agricultural Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  1. Anticipatory Learning for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

    Anticipatory Learning for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience (ALCCAR) in collaboration with the University of Ghana, the University of Dar-es-Salaam, The Afram Plains Development Organization (APDO), and the Red Cross/Red Crescent Tanzania, 2009-2012.  At the core of the ALCCAR project...


  1. Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Research Program

    The HESE program conducts research in several areas including frugal innovation, context-driven design, social entrepreneurship pedagogies, systems thinking, telemedicine, cellphones, social networks & trust, indigenousknowledge systems, innovation in engineering education, etc. HESE specifically welcomes undergraduate students across all disciplines to...


  1. Gender, Identity and Islam

    Several projects are underway related to the theme of gender, identity and Islam in Africa. Global Approaches to Intersectionality is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research project sponsored by Penn State’s Rock Ethics Institute’s Critical Philosophy of Race Initiative and the Africana...

Life Sciences

  1. Climate Change and Infectious Disease

    Quantifying the Influence of Environmental Temperature on Transmission of Vector-Borne Disease.  This is an NSF funded project that focuses on the temperature controls on disease transmission rates.  Most transmission studies use mean daily temperatures, but diurnal variability is show to...

Social Sciences